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CCNSG Renewal – Test Only

The CCNSG Renewal Online Test is only for those who have already passed their CCNSG National course, but whose card is due for renewal. This test has to be taken within three months of  the Safety Passport expiry date. If it is not taken within this timeframe, then the two day CCNSG National Course will have to be retaken.

The delegate will have 75 minutes to complete 60 multi-choice questions from the CCNSG Renewal Online Test system. The pass mark for the online test is 48/60 = 80%; delegates who do not achieve the required pass mark will be permitted one further resit, if the delegate fails to achieve the pass park on the resit then the 1 day renewal course will have to be taken.

*Only attempt the CCNSG Renewal Online Test if you have good health & safety knowledge as this is a test and no assistance can be given by the test invigilator.

Alternatively, the One day renewal course is still available for those who prefer to do a course and the two tests.

The time of this course on the course date is by mutual arrangement If you require another date and time, please contact us to arrange.