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Consultancy Services

Each member of our team will work with your business to find the best approach to keep your employees and visitors both healthy and safe. In our experience it is our belief that the best healthy and safe solutions are not necessarily the most expensive ones. Whether you opt for assistance from one of our consultants or enrol on one of our training schemes, we are committed to delivering standards of excellence to ensure that your involvement with us will be a beneficial one.

SHE Knows Chartered health and Safety Practitioners are also members of IOSH and other professional bodies depending on the consultant’s specialism where all consultants are accredited with professional bodies and have a minimum degree level qualification with at least two year’s experience.

Whilst many businesses develop in-house competence to manage their health and safety risks, they would only need SHE Knows assistance for specialist hazard areas, Other employers, however, may need to purchase additional help from SHE Knows to cover a set project or to bring them up to compliance.

Policy writing

Health and Safety Policies

If you employ more than 5 people you are legally required to have a written Health and Safety Policy. The Policy should be communicated to your staff and regularly reviewed and revised.

SHE Knows can audit your systems and tailor a Safety Policy for your company, ensuring what you do to achieve compliance is documented, with any necessary safety targets listed within the policy and making it a true reflection of your company.

Risk Assessments

As an employer you are required to assess the risks to your employees and any other persons who could be affected by your activities such as visitors and contractors. These should be documented and reflect your H&S policy intentions.

An example of risk assessments you may have to consider for your business are:

  1. Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
  2. Fire Risk Assessment
  3. Lone Working and Security
  4. Driving at work
  5. Working at height or in a position where you could fall
  6. Use of work equipment, tools and machinery
  7. Use of chemicals and cleaning products (COSHH)
  8. Safe access and egress / parking

Staff should then be trained to enable them to understand the risks and control measures that have been identified from your risk assessments.

SHE Knows can assist you undertake this assessments and train a member of your staff to review them annually to ensure you maintain your safety compliance.

Safe Systems of Work

Once you have your risk assessments documented, SHE Knows can assist you with reviewing your safe systems of work to ensure they reflect your working practices. There is no point saying you do something if your staff don’t do it!

CDM Consultancy (Construction, Design and Management Regulations)

CDM regulations require construction projects over 500 person workdays to be notified to the HSE. Management systems for the project need to be in place and evidenced as does the control of contractors, the creation of a construction phase plan and health and safety file. This also includes larger events and festivals – something we really enjoy specialising in!

Whether you need a safety advisor to manage your CDM duties, deal with the Designers, Clients and Sub-Contractors or need one on a CDM site to liaise with the Principal Contractor and protect your interests. Please call to discuss your options

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

PAT is done in order to ascertain that the electrical equipment used by yourself and customers is safe for use. It also enables the tester to determine whether the items require maintenance. By documenting these tests, you are able to provide proof that all reasonable steps and due diligence are exercised to avoid unsafe practices.


If you own, occupy or have management responsibilities for a premises then you have either:

  • A duty to manage possible asbestos containing materials
  • A duty to comply with the person who holds this duty.

This can be achieved by undertaking some asbestos awareness training so you know how to implement your asbestos management duties.