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SHE Knows Ltd steps into the breach to assist abandoned NCRQ learners to complete their H&S Diplomas after the collapse of the company.

SHE Knows Ltd are a City & Guilds NVQ H&S Level 6 accredited NVQ centre and are accepting NCRQ assessments (marked and those awaiting submission) as part of the NVQ study process after AIM, the Awarding Body confirmed that there is currently no solution to find a replacement provider.
“NCRQ candidates should not have to scrap their assignment and feel as though their learning has been a waste of time.” Linda Crossland-Mead explains that she is assessing and cross-referencing candidates’ NCRQ assignments against the NVQ knowledge evidence standards to reduce the amount of paperwork an NVQ learner needs to produce. “This will reduce time taken during a professional discussion with a learner, which in turn means we can discount our costs to learners who have found themselves without a provider”.

For further information on the C&G level 6 Diploma contact