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City Center Festival Success for SHE Knows

City Centre Festival Success for SHE Knows

With the update in the Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) in 2015, SHE Knows has been responsible for the Arcadia Spectacular Spider Stage invading Bristol to celebrate its European Green Capital Status.

The spider is a massive three-legged alien ship that seems to have landed in the middle of the Bristol Town Centre – complete with lasers, shooting pyrotechnics, alien abductions from the crowd and DJs in the head of the spider. With over 50 crew taking 15 days to construct and de-rig the stage this project needs to comply with the CDM Regulations.

“Undertaking health and safety risk assessments, liaising with the visiting HSE, local council and fire service during the construction phase, as well as helping to test all the lasers and pyrotechnics.. Well! it certainly brings a different dimension to the definition of construction” said Mrs Crossland-Clarke.

“Construction in the event industry is becoming more frequent for SHE Knows, it’s great to mix the two together. I would love to see the Arcadia Spider coming to hull for the City of Culture
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