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Brian Mead – New health and safety practitioner

March 30th 2021 saw Brian Mead achieving his NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety which he started whilst on Furlough from his engineering job. 2 months later he handed his notice in, exchanging his 40 years of mechanical engineering and safe design experience to become a health and safety practitioner for SHE Knows Ltd.

September 2021 Brian agreed to take the position of Director in order to assist the company expand its training remit as part of its bounce-back strategy from the effects of COVID19.

“My focus is on safety culture; I am excited to step into the world of safety and coach individuals to safer behavioural choices, and companies to compliance without costing the earth. So far I have worked on a variety of projects including CDM sites as a behavioural safety coach and as a Covid Supervisor for several festivals where I have been keeping the crew safe when dealing with up to 60 thousand members of the public.

Achieving this position as a Director of SHE Knows enables me to have a larger impact on people’s lives by offering a wider variety of quality delivered health and safety courses and consultancy“