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Mission Room

A unique and revolutionary media delivery system providing full 360° images, video and sound in a fully interactive, dynamic and customisable environment. Use it for site inductions, emergency preparation, risk assessments and much more.

With a wide range of markets and applications, the 360° Module allows users to instantly experience many real world hazardous sites in total safety. User activity is fully logged and auditable and  provides a highly cost-effective way of rapidly building spatial understanding of real sites.

360° Interactive Media for Health and Safety Training

At SHE Knows, we concentrate on work based training and competence assessment, this means we strive to make learning interesting… not just about form filling!   Our Mission Room is a 3m2 room that has a workplace projected onto all internal 4 walls, so the learner feels as though they are actually “on site”.

Learners are allocated a hand-held device so they can interact inside the SHE Knows Mission Room with its software, enabling:

  • Hazard identification icons can be transferred onto the walls of the SHE Knows Mission Room for all occupants to see and discuss.
  • The video to be paused to discuss your observations at any time.
  • Rating of risk levels with interactive risk assessment soft wear.
  • Hazard spotting and risk assessment applications are recorded on the learners’ hand-held device and can be electronically kept on file for traceability. 

360° Interactive Media for Marketing and Communication

 Whatever message you are trying to deliver you need some way of making it stand out. Stepping inside a Mission Room literally puts a user inside a different world, immersing them as though they are really there. Mission Room presents key marketing messages in an exciting, unique, immersive media experience.


•    Tender Presentation – present your ideas in 360° and persuade the decision makers

•    Engage Stakeholders – immerse stakeholders and give them the whole picture

•    Virtual Site Tours – take your audience on a tour of dramatic spaces and key locations

•    Product Demonstration – let customers experience your products from the inside out 


•    Memorable experience generates discussion

•    Full visual and auditory immersion in the message

•    Associate your message with cutting edge technology


•    Designed for rapid re-location at multi-sites

•    Use at exhibitions or as a client site marketing solution

•    Use same media to deliver different messages