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SHE Knows on a Mission with revolutionary training facility

SHE Knows has launched an innovative health and safety training system that uses 360° images, video and sound to create a fully interactive and dynamic training environment.

SHE Knows is the first private health and safety training company to offer the Mission Room to clients, said its managing director Linda Crossland-Clarke.

“This marks a real development of our health and safety training provision and shows our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what SHE Knows can offer to our UK and international customers,” said Mrs Crossland-Clarke.

Developed by Aims Solutions, the Mission Room can be erected and taken down on a customer’s site in a day. Inside the room are 360° panoramic stills and video with training content based on existing media, such as a site induction system, or unique new content bespoke training, such as a tour of a company’s facilities, developed by Hull-based SHE Knows for its customers using a video camera and project editing software.

“There’s an endless list of industries that this is suitable for, especially those with multiple sites with generic training applications, which can be done all in one go inside the room,” added Mrs Crossland-Clarke.

“It allows users to experience instantly many real world hazardous sites in total safety and makes them feel as if they are actually standing on-site, giving them the chance to learn all the time, look around, navigate and interact.”

Hull-based SHE Knows, founded in 2003, now has 15 highly qualified staff with a £1m plus turnover.

The Mission Room is another business milestone that has seen SHE Knows make increasingly successful inroads into the international health and safety training market, where the company has agreed new contracts in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Singapore and Zambia.

Mrs Crossland-Clarke is optimistic this latest investment will pay off.

“We are the only private health and safety company anywhere to have invested in the Mission Room. It gives us a unique selling point and I believe it will allow us to offer existing and new customers a training package that is simple to use and very effective in terms of the quality of the training provided and the financial cost involved.”

SHE Knows’ investment for the new Mission Room was arranged by Lombard North Central Plc.

“Even though we are a financially robust company there are issues over raising funds in the current market, so I’d just like to says a big thanks to both NatWest and Lombard for their support,” Mrs Crossland-Clarke added.